About this project:

The idea for RSS Art came about after watching How to draw a bunny, the very inspiring and moving documentary on Ray Johnson‘s life, «the most famous unknown artist» and his fantastic Mail Art.

RSS Art sees itself very much in the tradition of Mail Art, Fax Art and Email Art, but reverses things in one essential way. While Mail Art etc. are sent out actively to their respective recipients, with RSS Art the recipient has to get active and subscribe to the feed. Or visit the website. We feel this to be a very viable art form for our times, in which people suffer from information overload and are getting bombarded with unsolicited emails left and right.

RSS is a data format, that people can subscribe to using a variety of means: all modern browsers, email clients or in specific RSS Reader applications, available for computers, mobile phones, PSP’s, you name it…

If you are an artist, who would like to start his own feed, or if you know of an artist, that we should absolutely contact to participate here, please contact us (using the form bellow)!

All works are published under a Creative Commons By-Nc license.

About Franziska Nyffeler:

Franziska Nyffeler lives and works in Bern, Switzerland.

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